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This website, Minecraft Junkies is committed to keeping all user information collected through our website private. The general information we collect is used purely for statistical purposes. None of this information is linked back to you as an individual, unless otherwise stated. Minecraft Junkies will never sell, distribute, or otherwise reveal personally identifiable information to any non-law-enforcement third parties.


Minecraft Junkies uses cookies to distinguish you from other users. Some of these cookies are essential to make this website work properly, to allow you to login to your account, save your preferences, and enable you to post on our forums and communicate with other members.

You can accept or decline cookies at any time by accessing the preference panels from your browser’s main menu (usually found under ‘Edit’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Options’).  However, if you choose to remove cookies your use of Minecraft Junkies may be limited or otherwise impaired, and you will not be able to access functionality that requires a currently logged in account.

At Minecraft Junkies, we use cookies for three purposes:

  • Analytics: We use Google Analytics on all of our websites and applications to track how people use them. This allows us to see where a user comes from (i.e. a search engine, directly typing the address into their browser, or another website), what pages they visit, how long they spend on the website, and what kind of computer they are using (i.e. screen size, operating system, web browser version). We use this information to make informed decisions about the content of our websites. It allows us to see, for example, if a particular page is not getting many visits, or whether a large percentage of our users visit from their mobile phones.
  • Identification: On websites that you can log in on, we use a cookie to remember you. These cookies can either last until you log out, or until you close your browser.
  • Storing preferences: Some of our websites allow you to set particular preferences such as page layout or colour scheme. In these instances we store a cookie which contains this preference, so our website knows to serve you the appropriate version of the website next time you come back.

Copyright Statement

Minecraft Junkies copyright © 2014-2017. All rights reserved.  The materials contained within may not be modified or redistributed, in whole or in part, without written permission from Minecraft Junkies. You are permitted to print or otherwise download material featured on this website as long as it is for your own personal use, and not commercial or public.

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