Minecraft Upcoming Features 1.8

Finally, after months of waiting – Minecraft 1.8 is just around the corner! As we know from previous experience, Mojang does a great job of bumping back version release dates, and leaving them to be quite indefinite. Finally, Jens Bergensten (Minecraft developer) has tweeted that:

This week will do a push to get a 1.8 pre-release out. No guarantees, as always.@jeb_ via Twitter

Blocks and Items:

  • Diorite, Andesite, Granite, Polished Diorite, Polished Andensite, and Polished Granite, are all new stone-type blocks that have been added to Minecraft. Items used to craft these stone-variations include cobblestone and Nether quartz, as well as the other new types of stone. For example, the recipe for granite includes diorite.
  • Coarse dirt now replaces the grassless dirt blocks in Mega Taiga, Mesa, and Savanna biomes.
  • Red Sandstone which can be crafted similarly to sandstone, however using red sand.
  • Many new ocean monument biome specific blocks including prismarine, prismarine bricks, darn prismarine, sea lanterns, prismarine crystals, and prismarine shards. 
  • Wet sponge; obtained when a sponge soaks up water. Can be smelted into a dry sponge, and found as a rare drop from Elder Guardians.
  • Slime blocks cause users, and mobs to bounce from the top face, similar to a trampoline, and prevent fall damage.
  • New types of fences, fence gates, and doors can be crafted using different types of wood, similar to how stairs, and slabs are now.
  • Iron trapdoors are similar to trapdoors, however, like iron doors, can only be opened/closed using redstone.
  • Armor stands have been added and work to decoratively display armor.
  • New items have been added relating to the rabbit mob, including rabbit hide, raw rabbit, cooked rabbit, rabbit’s foot, rabbit stew, and potion of leaping. In addition to rabbits, sheep now drop mutton – a form of meat.
  • As well, spawn eggs have been added for the new mobs within 1.8


  • Endermites can sometimes spawn in the place of an Enderman that is teleporting away, and sometimes spawn when a player uses and ender pearl.
  • Guardians spawn in ocean monuments. They attack squid, and players, and can flop on land. Drop prismarine shards, crystals, and raw fish.
  • Elder Guardians are basically the boss form of a Guardian.
  • Rabbits have been added, yielding items for food, potions, and more.

In addition to these blocks and mobs that are being added, there are many small tweaks to the dynamics Minecraft. Enchanting now follows a completely different system. As well, villagers have been modified, including their trades. Many more changes were made to help map-builders, including tons of new commands to do various things. In addition to this, there are a few more new balances in items, such as how many of certain items can stack, and the exact uses of items.

Stay Tuned for further Minecraft 1.8 Updates!

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