Minecraft ROOMMATES! – “Vacation GONE WRONG!” #7 (Minecraft Roleplay)

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Barney – http://youtube.com/ThatGuyBarney
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Jin – http://www.youtube.com/JinBopGaming

Machinima Creator – http://youtube.com/NewScapePro

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In total disbelief with the things that ThunderMuffin had put, SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney, JinBopGaming and RagingHouse through, including eight thousand dollars of damage and chicken poop! RagingHouse gave ThuderMuffin what he considered a harsher punishment than usual which was a 20 minute time out! SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming and ThatGuyBarney were absolutely livid after hearing this! When SkyDoesMinecraft asks how the situation was resolved, RagingHouse casually mentioned that ThuderMuffin gave him some vacation tickets! Wait, what? They turn out to be plane ticks with the flight leaving in just 2 hours! Not caring what the destination was, SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney JinBopGaming and RagingHouse leave for the airport as quick as they can! Once at the airport, SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney and JinBopGaming are frantically trying to get organized to catch their flight. RagingHouse is trying to start small talk with total strangers so he can make new friends! ThatGuyBarney is hungry and wants to stop and buy food, JinBopGaming is on the food track, too! They can’t focus on catching their flight! SkyDoesMinecraft wonders if this isn’t just another trick that ThunderMuffin is pulling! In line at the airport, JinBopGaming discovers a boarding inspection area totally void of anyone! SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney JinBopGaming and RagingHouse rush over to it, excited about their new found short cut! But then, one of the security guards spots ThatGuyBarney trying to bring in a bottle of Goat Milk and calls out for him to leave it behind! It’s close but ThatGuyBarney is finally convinced to leave the Goat Milk behind so they can all board the plane! RagingHouse, unable to look anyone directly in the eyes is mistaken for someone else by the security guard but, is allowed to pass through anyway. And, JinBopGaming is asked to empty his pockets which also turns to near disaster! But, when SkyDoesMinecraft goes through the metal detector he can’t believe that his SkyDoesMinecraft Solid Butter amulet won’t set off the alarm! They finally board the plane which flies off with them to Hawaii! ThatGuyBarney wants to look for a place to buy Goat Milk, JinBopGaming, SkyDoesMinecraft and RagingHouse notice that there seem to be quite a few chicks who look just like ThunderMuffen on the island! When they finally arrive at their hotel, they notice something very strange! Has ThunderMuffin played another practical joke on SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney, JinBopGaming and RagingHouse? Find out in this Minecraft Roommates 6 Roleplay! And, be sure to slap that like button! I am a founding member of http://www.zergid.com

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