Minecraft MAZE RUNNER! – “Freedom Comes with a Cost” #10 (Minecraft Roleplay)

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SkyVsGaming – http://youtube.com/SkyVsGaming

The Crew
Barney – http://youtube.com/ThatGuyBarney
Ross – http://youtube.com/RagingHouse
Jin – http://www.youtube.com/JinBopGaming
Mithzan – http://www.youtube.com/user/mithzanproductions
Jess – http://www.youtube.com/aphmaugaming

Machinima Creator – http://youtube.com/NewScapePro

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Body Actors: Unicomics, DawnofRiku, UGI_Jasmine, BL0CKMan001, funnygirl, shadowninjakiwi, LucyWJ03, CaptainCharcat, workingtitle16

SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming, RagingHouse, AphmauGaming are now listening intently as ThatGuyBarney recalls actually seeing SkyDoesMinecraft along side AphmauGaming working in concert to see that everyone is forced into the Glades! Is this just a horrible fantasy ThatGuyBarney is making up? AphmauGaming and SkyDoesMinecraft can’t believe ThatGuyBarney’s story! But even JinBopGaming is starting to believe what ThatGuyBarney is saying! Besides, how could ThatGuyBarney make up such a wild store like that? AphmauGaming is also taken aback wihen ThatGuyBarney tells the group that she was working alsong side SkyDoesMinecraft, helping to get other people into the elevator, sending them off to labor in the Glades! RagingHouse explains that the group must now focus on what lies ahead for them as they navigate through the Maze! So, for the time being, SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming, RagingHouse, AphmauGaming and a bewildered ThatGuyBarney know they must push on! Suddenly, SkyDoesMinecraft hears a strange noise off in the distance! A Griever! It approaches with blinding speed and begins attacking SkyDoesMinecraft who tries holding it off until JinBopGaming, RagingHouse, AphmauGaming and ThatGuyBarney have a chance to escape! To SkyDoesMinecraft’s surprise, RagingHouse falls behind to try and help SkyDoesMinecraft battle the Griever but changes his mind! Even so, it’s too late! Now the Griever is going after both of them! With RagingHouse moving too slowly due to his ambivalence to battle along with total confusion in the current situation, SkyDoesMinecraft can’t possibly save RagingHouse from his fate with the Griever! SkyDoesMinecraft, exhausted and nearly defeated by the Griever, returns to meet with the others! SkyDoesMinecraft explains to ThatGuyBarney, JinBopGaming and AphmauGaming that RagingHouse is gone! Not only that, SkyDoesMinecraft let’s the group know that he was stung by the Griever he was battling! SkyDoesMinecraft explains that RagingHouse actually sacrificed himself by giving SkyDoesMinecraft the antidote for the Griever’s sting! SkyDoesMinecraft is in tears over losing poor RagingHouse! Grief stricken as they are, SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming, and AphmauGaming decide to explore their new surroundings and determine that it must be some kind of a science lab! They also notice that there is blood around certain areas of the lab! Seaching the lab for more clues, SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming and AphmauGaming are growing more and more impatient! Will SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming and AphmauGaming be able to have their questions answered about why they labor each day in the Glades, answers as to how and why their lives have been turned upside down? What will become of ThatGuyBarney if the group decides to permanently leave the Glades and Maze behind forever! Will such a thing even happen? Find out in the next Minecraft Maze Runner Episode! Remember to please leave your commensts in the comments section below and slap that like button!

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