Minecraft Limited Edition Console

The new Xbox One X might be stealing all the headlines, but Microsoft is still pushing that console’s older brother hard this holiday season.

Microsoft believes the Xbox One S will continue to outsell the Xbox One X on the basis of price alone. And even though the Xbox One S can’t power 4K games, it can still power 4K media, UHD Blu-ray, and will run every Xbox One-compatible game available.

Microsoft isn’t ignoring younger gamers or parents looking for great gifts this holiday season, either, as demonstrated by this gorgeous Minecraft edition Xbox One S.

Limited Edition Minecraft Xbox One S

The Minecraft Xbox One S is fully customized with a grass texture block, complete with a Creeper-themed controller. Microsoft will also be selling a piggy-themed Xbox One S controller, for porkchop fans. The console will come with a vertical stand, custom Minecraft sound effects, and a red transparent underside with Redstone-like accents.

The Minecraft Xbox One S will come with a 1TB hard drive, a copy of Minecraft, some Minecraft DLC, and one month of Xbox Game Pass, which contains hundreds of licenses for additional games.

The Minecraft Xbox One S is up for pre-order at $399.

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