Minecraft BUILD BATTLE! (Playgrounds, Buses, and Tooth Brushes!)


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It’s SkyDoesMinecraft along with ThatGuyBarney, RagingHouse and Mithzan! And, if you would like to show your support for SkyVSGaming and Build Battle, be sure to slap that like button and comment down below that you would like to see more of this Build Battle! Thanks to RagingHouse who points out that SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney and Mithzan only have five minutes of build time! Think that will be enough time to get ‘er done? The first thing that they need to build in a hurry is a playground! Not sure if I would want my kids on this playground, especially with SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney, RagingHouse and Mithzan cutting corners to get the job done as quickly as they can! Then again, one person’s playground is another person’s work of art. Right? Oh, forgot to mention that they are competing with a few other players. Hey, they can only do the best they can! Ewe, that’s kind of painful! So, once SkyDoesMinecraft, ThatGuyBarney, RagingHouse and Mithzan finish their um, playgrounds, voting begins! Big thanks to our wonderful judging panel! Their choices range from Epic, Legendary, Good, Ok, Poop and Super Poop! Maybe the playground isn’t the safest choice but, that’s what makes it so darned special, know what I mean? With two more games to go, it’s on to the second game which is Toothbrush! Mithzan, RagingHouse and ThatGuyBarney are scratching their heads over this one! SkyDoesMinecraft seems to have the situation at hand! Turns out he’s pretty happy with how you guys voted, too! Looking at some of the other toothbrushes, like ThatGuyBarney’s, you’ve got to admire his courage, I guess! Mithzan creates more of a toothbrush message! RagingHouse pulls off pretty good marks for his rendition, too! The third and final Build Battle is School Bus! SkyDoesMinecraft only has five minutes to pull something off that resembles a road and school bus. Once his road is complete he has less than three minutes remaining to build something to cart school kids around in! You’ll have to put your safety concerns on hold for this! Think off road tumble bus and you’ll get a pretty good idea! You’ve got to see the results to believe them! We’re super impressed! Thanks to all the other players and judges! You guys are fantastic and we want to get together again very soon for other games! Thank you, so much! And thanks for watching this SkyDoesMinecraft Build Battle 1 video! Make sure to hit the like and subscribe button! See you next time!

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