Minecraft Animation – MOM JOKES!

Join SkyDoesMinecraft and friends for this hilarious Minecraft DO NOT LAUGH Animation! It’s Minecraft Animation – MOM JOKES!

Merch – http://www.teespring.com/stores/skyarmy

Animator: Animator: https://www.youtube.com/user/mcrecipes101

RedVacktor – http://www.youtube.com/redvacktor
Preston – https://twitter.com/PrestonDanger_
Evan – https://twitter.com/alaskangeles

Hey there Recruits! Welcome to MOM JOKES! with SkyDoesMinecraft, RedVacktor, PrestonDanger, and AlaskAngeles. Well, it’s time for yet another episode of Do Not Laugh, except this time, we’re doing it in the style of animation! Don’t miss out on Evan’s yo mama jokes and Sky Does Minecraft as ruglesnorf the 4th without a fake ID. If you giggled, be sure to slap that like button and comment down below your best joke! Also, don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell to join the notification squad. Thanks so much for watching MOM JOKES! See you next time!

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