Magic: The Gathering comes to Minecraft

Magic is coming to Minecraft. The Magic: The Gathering Skin Pack is launching today on “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” and “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” – a.k.a. the Bedrock Engine – for $2.99 CAD, containing 15 skins that feature fearless planeswalkers and legendary Magic creatures.

Image from PlanetMinecraft
“The Magic pack was an interesting challenge reconciling the complexity of the characters with the simplicity of Minecraft, but incredibly rewarding to see them come to life in our style. Each character is intricately detailed, so it was imperative that we focused on their most iconic features in order to make them immediately recognizable as their awesome pixelated selves. I myself am a complete lore-hound (is that a real term? I’m making it one) so it was especially fun working within the extensive lore the world of Magic the Gathering had to offer. SARAH KISOR”


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