If Phones were Added to Minecraft

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These days even the youngest kids are carrying around a cell phone with them. It’s changed how humans act because we can now hold cell phones in front of our face to avoid having actual conversations with people. But what if Cell Phones were added in the game of Minecraft? How would this change the way we play the game we love?

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Actors: G_rocket32, Rainbowzz, ItsMaree, PleasingTunic, DerpYT, BotEnder, craftisabel

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Money is great, but what would Minecraft be like if the new currency ‘Notch Dollars’ were added into the game? Would it be too game changing that nobody would want to play anymore? Most importantly, would it allow us to laugh at villagers?

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Actors in this video: RoastMeats Gamerrizz, DerpYT, Nothers, craftisabel, Altrive, ZephPlayz, professorbum, KingOfNightmares

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