If an ANIMALS ONLY Dimension was Added to Minecraft

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Animals are people too… actually no they’re not. But animals are living things too. Have you ever thought of how they might feel living in the regular Minecraft world? Most people don’t care about them at all, and only use the animals for food or other items. Let’s see what Minecraft would be like if animals got their VERY OWN Minecraft Dimension!

Watch the last Minecraft Dimension video ‘If a PROS ONLY Dimension was Added’: https://youtu.be/Aon7GMN2_oo

Do you feel bad for these Minecraft animals/mobs? Would it ruin Minecraft if this dimension was actually added?

Actors: Madison_Madison, Aurora_Playz, laokiwii, creeper321448, OriginalDerps, TheLuckyMonkeyYT, TheLavaDog, Shird, BlueSpinning, ewitsmay, kelody, Mareeq, luigieight, Trisbrine, chewywaffehls, ThisIsJustPie, Yxrkie, TomHanksFan4609

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